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The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) Disaster Education and Assistance Team (DEAT) provides coordination for disaster education programs for extension audiences; organizes training programs for OCES professionals; and serves as a point of contact for outside agencies. The OCES DEAT has the following objectives:


Preparedness and Mitigation

  • Disaster training for OCES staff
  • Disaster education programming for extension clientele

Incident: Response
  • Coordinate with first responders, enforcement and regulatory agencies
  • Disseminate official information to OCES field staff
  • Gather intelligence on local situation and needs
  • Coordinate OCES response activities
  • Secure OCES staff safety and support field office functions

Post-Incident: Recovery
  • Assist outside agencies with recovery programs and services
  • Coordinate OCES educational programs to facilitate business, family, and community recovery
  • Ensure OCES staff recovery and well-being

The OCES DEAT anticipates education and assistance needs for all hazards including natural disasters; agroterrorism and criminal incidents; plant and animal disease outbreaks; and accidents, contaminations, and toxic spills. The OCES DEAT consists of a broad range of specialists to ensure comprehensive consideration of the implications of any type of disaster. The DEAT consists of a team leader and the following members:

- Communication Specialist
- Animal Disease Specialists
- Plant Disease Specialists
- 4H/Youth Specialists
- Animal Systems Coordinators
- Plant/Soil Systems Coordinators
- Economics/Rural Development Coordinators
- Family and Consumer Science Coordinators